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How to maintain the boots? - timberland work boots

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Before you can store your timberland boots store, you must first prepare the following things: toothbrushes (shoe brushes), shoe removers, maintenance shoe polish, soft textures, towels, and stockings. Follow the mens timberland boots basic maintenance procedure.


Boots maintenance:
1, first with a toothbrush (shoe brush) to brush the timberland work boots dirt on the shoes, boots can be in the shoe cylinder in the newspaper or hard objects to fix the shoe shape, in order to clean.
2, Next, pour the detergent onto the cloth and pour it on it. Remember not to pour it directly on the timberland boots sale upper, as it may produce decolored spots.
3, spread the slope of a large area evenly, to avoid a small area of the wipe, otherwise there will be a concern to color.
4, then use shoes brush light brush the upper, will bring the excess oil to the boots high tube, so that the cheap timberland boots boots can also be maintained.
5, finally wipe with a clean cloth, the boot maintenance work will be done.


Boots storage:
1, Before you store your boots, you must clean the kids timberland boots boots. It is best to dry them in a ventilated place for 1-2 days. This will not easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and aphids.
2, then follow the order of boots to maintain the boots to do maintenance work on it.
3, after the boot into the stereotypes in order to avoid deformation, folds. timberland on sale
4, and then put on the boots do not use long stockings to prevent dust from falling.
5, finally put into the hole in the shoe box on it. Good shoeboxes have holes for ventilation.
6, then on a dry, well-ventilated place on it.




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